CREASYS s.r.l. recognizes gender equality as an essential element of civilization and affirmation of the universal rights of humanity as well as a strategic factor for increasing value creation and company development. In order to achieve and maintain gender equality in the company, CREASYS commits management, employees and all stakeholders to adopt practices, languages ​​and behaviours that pursue this objective and enhance personal diversity.

To achieve this objective, the Management has defined a company policy for gender equality, committing to:
• apply human resources management and development practices that promote an inclusive culture of professional growth, guaranteeing equal opportunities for all staff
• communicate internally and externally, also through marketing and advertising activities, the desire to pursue gender equality, the valorization of diversity and to support female empowerment, increasing awareness of women's abilities as well as the possibility of participating and share responsibilities on an equal basis with men and with the company itself, freeing one-selves from cultural and social assumptions and pre-established roles
• respect for company culture and strategy
• organizational governance aimed at defining adequate organizational instruments and gender equality in high-level company leadership
• HR processes relating to the different stages that characterize the life cycle of a resource in the organization, based on principles of inclusion and respect for diversity
• opportunities for growth and inclusion of women in the company; promoting women's education, training and personal development and autonomy
• remuneration equity by gender
• protection of parenthood and work-life balance

The policy for gender equality starts from gradually but rigorously reducing the differences in pay and career advancement that may have occurred in the company's long history. Recruitment policies and plans are also put in place to encourage and enhance the diversity in the broad sense which brings value and new impetus to all sectors and areas of the company.
CREASYS, which has always been attentive to the evolution of the market and the needs of businesses, implements a policy aimed at promoting gender equality not only internally, but also by favouring relations and commercial relationships with companies and entrepreneurs equally committed to the issues of inclusion and equality of gender.

In particular, to achieve the objectives the company:
• is concretely committed to family welfare, in concrete aid to the families of its employees both in economic terms and in terms of flexible working hours and remote working
• rejects any type of violence and gender abuse, as also reported in the E.C does not tolerate and punishes this attitude and encourages its reporting
• supports sporting activities and events aimed at promoting gender equality and inclusion
• encourages participation in training meetings, webinars and debates by all employees regardless of their role and career framework
• promotes active policies for gender equality and inclusion through posts and publications on its website and on social media
• measures and reports progress in achieving gender equality

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