Creasys provides cost estimate evaluation services for complex programs for both public and private clients. Our company is a partner and agent for Italy of Unison, a world leader in Cost Engineering solutions. Thanks to this partnership and the specialization of Hyperlean, a Creasys group company, an effective and robust solution has been developed that integrates consultancy and qualified tools to manage and monitor the life cycle of projects with high technological value. We are present in the main industrial sectors: machinery, carpentry/engineering, automation, oil & gas, defence, space, aeronautics and automotive.

  • Definition of parametric estimation models
  • Analysis and optimization of spending and procurement processes
  • Technical-economic congruity of the purchase of goods and services
  • Support for the evaluation process of offers from suppliers of goods and services
  • Introduction, management and training for both top-down and bottom-up cost estimating tools
  • Evaluation of project risk and its economic impacts