About us

Creasys is a consultancy and business monitoring firm that has acquired over the years a significant experience in specialised services such as the management of important projects, the supervision of production processes and the internal management of large institutions, both public and private.
The continuity and quality of services provided on time, combined with the formulation of proposals supported by the internal Research and Development laboratory’s innovative technology, are the most evident sign of the fundamental principle that motivates the professionals at Creasys to serve their clients:
“Our Goal? To help you reach yours”.
A person’s worth: the daily experience lived by professional people which enhances the company’s growth and enhances the uniqueness of each individual. This is our belief. Today’s world of production is driven by profit making development methodologies which do not guarantee one’s growth and expression. Creasys, takes care of respecting a person’s methodologies and time frame starting from the clients ending up with the resources working for the same clients. In this way, the company has evolved with professionals having the freedom of expressing their skills and competencies, having the energy to face new challenges and wanting to experiment with this new way of working. This new way of working empowers the employees; hence, this maintains a good business climate, contributes to the exchanging and sharing of experiences, comes up with innovative ideas and creates new services that meet the clients’ needs.
“We like to grow through learning, thus creating a multi-disciplinary and international network of companies, which are capable of growing by sharing the potential of their resources: at the service of clients and at the service of their employees”.
“Our brief? The people’s worth”.
“We of Creasys are really close to Italia Solidale (www.italiasolidale.org). We were born as a business thanks to the cultural experience of life and mission growth that this association brings forward in the entire world, and that now involves more than 2.000.000 people and more than 120 local communities.
Every one of us is a volunteer, no one can be selfish, everyone must be open-minded to the world and be united, beginning from himself but without forgetting who is close to you, because when you give something, immediately you receive much more.
With Italia Solidale we saved in these years, the precious life of a lot of children in the entire world. Both from a business level and a personal level, people who work in Creasys got involved step by step.
We made a lot of distance adoptions, we promoted this experience with a lot of our customers which are no more our customers, they are our friends and partners in this life growth experience.
For several years for every new task, every project carried out, we activate a distance adoption, helping and sustaining a child in the south of the world to be finally free and finally capable to live in a family that can sustain a more free and respectfull life.
We are all volunteers in this firm, after the work we clearly get involved as volunteers, we sustain the promotion of this culture, often we go on mission or we meet people all around Italy, and this experience gives us the charge to be always stronger and more creative, also on work.”
Our commitment? To support the diffusion of the new proposal for the developement of life and mission promoted by Italia Solidale.
Creasys has proven over time attention to the social role that drove to certify, through the SA8000, its internal quality system, with the aim to improve over time the management of human resources and ensure the business social responsibility to the Stakeholders.