Creasys provides assessment services for the Costs Estimation of complex programs, as part of its overall monitoring solution, based on the principles of ERM (Enterprise Risk Management). Creasys moreover is partner and italian reseller for PRICE® Systems, the World Leader in Cost Estimation solutions.


ICOSMOS is the New Cost Management Framework born from the partnership between PRICE Systems and Creasys. The solution provides to the client an integrated tools platform (a) and a services catalogue(b) that have been located for managing and monitoring of complex projects/programs from the preliminary stage to the closing stage.
The ICOSMOS framework can be implemented in public and private clients.


1. TruePlanning® di PRICE® to make a parametric estimation of a program following the Activity Based Costing (ABC) model. Use of a parametric model based on the ABC methodology “Activity Based Costing”. TruePlanning guarantees a top-down approach in the cost estimates production, in relation to the different organizational levels involved in decisional management process: executive level, financial and procurement level, technical level.
2. Creasys Epick™ – Corporate Knowledge Base, to support the client’s Knowledge Management process.
3. Mapper PRICE® dedicated to Cross-Check Analysis (connection of a parametric estimation (Top-Down) with a costs detailed analysis (Bottom-up).
4. Quick DevisQDV for the realization of project cost analytic quotations by using the WBS representation, anywhere is needed to manage materials and labour in order to realize a system.


Every service, within the catalogue, meets one or more objectives of the client’s organization Cost Management. Here are some of the services that are included in the offer:
early stage estimations, knowledge capture, costs historical data calibration, contracts assessment, definition of new suppliers management policy, on-site support for cost management systems, training (in relation to framework tools and on cost management).
  • Affordable and strong Tenders/Projects
  • Comparison between top down and bottom up estimations defined at Work Package level
  • Knowledge Capture
  • Acquisition of “profitable tenders/projects”
  • Encourage the offer standardization process in complex organizations
  • Definition of clear and available baselines for a strong program management
  • Definition, conduction and monitoring of successful projects