Once completed the specialized services of Total Project & Cost Management for public and private clients, Creasys organizes and provides the following training courses:
monitoring of the execution of ICT outsourcing contracts or innovative projects with high technological impact
cost management & cost control of complex projects
Creasys also offers language courses already tested through its long standing experience with Defence & Aerospace sectors. Specifically:
technical English training classes, (intermediated and advanced), in compliance with STANAG standards, run by native speakers with international degrees and qualifications
Our instructors are qualified professionals, trained in specific business subjects and methods, finalized to the specific needs of individual costumers. Their practical expertise was developed thanks to clients of primary relevance (in Italy and abroad) and to the collaboration with Universities and Research Centers.
The aim of the instructors is to ensure, for each course level (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced), a complete and practicall earning experience. The acquisition of analytical and operational capabilities by each participant will provide added value to the core business and the strategic vision of its company.
Creasys, in view of the training and organizational needs of the customer, will host the courses at Creasy’s central office or at the customer’s site. The training, based on an innovative and proactive approach, uses costumized training methods as follows:
class training
on the job training
◦ e-learning (through Creasys’ web-platform, Moodle based)
Each course will provide individual or groupcheck-sessions with costumized exercises and simulations, depending on training’s goals and complexity level.
Each course, after a final verification, will provide a certificate of attendance, related to the specific training.
The integration of expert advice and support services with qualified training, allows Creasys to offer unique training courses which are:
◦ highly customized on the client’s operative and business requirements
◦ focused on practical expertise development
◦ supplied by specialized instructors, able to combine and transfer daily-upated theoretical and practical knowledge