The Corporate Knowledge Base

EPICK™ is the CKB (Corporate Knowledge Base) compatible with the parametric model of PRICE® Systems, the world leader in Cost Management solutions.
The system is part of the process of corporate Knowledge Capture. Epick supports the costs estimates approval stage of complex projects, in increasingly competitive markets, with the goal of winning profitable bids.
1. Production of a single repository that can store parametric costs estimating, project specifications and program’s updated plans;
2. “Template” creation of the new systems (object libraries), by selecting parts of the systems/components from the single repository;
3. Take over a parametric estimation of a program, carried out with the TruePlanning® system of PRICE®;
4. On demand advanced navigation available in its own historical data base of estimates;
5. Production of new scenarios for the costs estimation of a program, using components belonging to similar classes selected by the historical database;
6. Reference Class Forecasting (RCF) functions on the basis of the information stored.
to manage into a single knowledge base the costs estimations and the systems design information;
to support the complete control over the life cycle of programs, managing in a single knowledge base the budgeting, planning and summarizing costs information;
to provide an integrated CKB into the new Cost Management Framework ICOSMOS, for the support to the top-down and bottom-up cost estimate processes applied by the different corporate departments;
to carry out various parametric estimates of a program, storing the different scenarios into the CKB;
to integrate into a single knowledge base all the results produced by different TruePlanning® workstations, used at the various levels of the organizational structure.
In order to receive commercial information regarging Epick Tool contact as at epick.info@creasys.it