Creasys provides cost estimation services for complex programs as part of its integrated Governance, Risk and Compliance offering for both public and private customers.
In addition, Creasys is also the partner and agent for Italy of Unison, the world leader in Cost Engineering solutions.
Thanks to this partnership, an effective and robust solution was developed that integrates specialist consultancy and tools to manage and monitor the life cycle of complex/high technological value projects.


1. TruePlanning® from Unison to carry out the parametric estimation of a program following the Activity Based Costing (ABC) model. TruePlanning® ensures a top-down approach in producing cost estimates in relation to the different organizational levels involved in management decision making: strategic level, contractual level, technical/managerial level.
2. Epick™ the GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) platform developed by Creasys. The functions used in the provision of the service of assessment of estimated costs, allows you to:
  • create a single repository to store parametric cost estimates, project specifications, and updated program plans;
  • create “templates” of new systems (object libraries) by selecting parts of the systems/components from the single repository;
  • acquire the parametric estimate of a schedule, performed with TruePlanning®;
  • navigate in an advanced way in the historical data base of estimates;
  • create scenarios for estimating the costs of a program, using components of similar classes selected from the single repository.
3. Mapper Unison dedicated to Cross-Check Analysis: connection of a parametric estimation (Top-Down) with detailed cost analysis (Bottom-up).
4. Quick DevisQDV to realize analytical quotes of project costs using the WBS representation, wherever materials and labor need to be managed in order to realize a system.


It meets one or more of the customer organization’s cost management objectives, for example: early stage estimates, knowledge capture, calibration of historical cost data, contract assessment, definition of new supplier management policies, on-site support of cost management systems, training on Cost Management tools and methodologies.
  • Definition of reliable and robust tenders and projects
  • Comparison between top-down and bottom-up estimates defined at Work Package level
  • Knowledge Capture
  • Acquisition of tenders and profitable projects
  • Standardization of the bidding process within complex organizations
  • Definition of clear and available baselines for strong program control
  • Definition, management and monitoring of successful projects