The regulations defined by CNIPA – Centro Nazionale per l’Informatica nella Pubblica Amministrazione (National Center for Information Technology in Public Administration), today absorbed within the Agency for Digital Italy, provide for the need for the entire PA to monitor the execution of contracts of great importance, to ensure proper execution and compliance with the quality levels provided.
This is the context in which Creasys has been offering, which since 2002 has been qualified by CNIPA as a “certified monitor”, for the control and support of the works management of major contracts.
Starting from the expertise gained at the PA, the service has evolved to include customizations, which allow it to support private customers in monitoring projects with high technological value, as part of an integrated approach GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance).
The service provided is supported by the use of the proprietary GRC platform called EPICK™.
to identify risks (tangible/intangible), enabling preventive and corrective actions as part of a continuous improvement process;
to allow to our Customer to save between 3% and 7% on the monitored project’s economic value. Savings that may be dedicated to new investments or used in the market positioning of products / services at more competitive costs.
– ICT contract/project assessment;
– implementation of a feasibility studies;
– compilation of the tender documents for the supplies management of the outsourcing services;
– work flow support;
– monitoring of special projects derived from the host contract;
– assistance during testing;
– implementation of an emergency and continuity plan;
– verification of investment goods;
– development of projects of service integration with the cost management and knowledge management consultancy.
for our Customer:
– to improve the quality of external services;
– to facilitate the management of contracts with suppliers;
– to simplify the compilation of the tender documents making their content more homogeneous;
– to enhance, inside the customer organization, the culture of control and supervision of outsourcing supplies.
for the Suppliers:
– to facilitate the communication with their clients;
– to attribute the right value to the quality of services offered;
– to improve/standardise the description of the requested services.