Rome – The streets and offices of the city are emptying following the emergency caused by the coronavirus pandemic that has hit Italy and the rest of the world so hard.

Creasys and the companies of its group, in compliance with the rules to combat the spread of contagion, reorganize themselves with obstinate desire to continue the daily supply of services to support all public and private customers.

Smart working, cloud server, VPN, virtual telephone exchanges, online meetings for the coordination of internal and external work teams.

These are just some of the measures and systems, already in use at the group companies, now perfected and systematically adopted by the whole team to tackle a virus that infects people and the global economy, but which will not stop the desire to overcome it and get out of it.

Maybe at the end of the pandemic we will all have changed, but we will certainly be better and stronger.

To contact us, continue to use the usual telephone and e-mail channels, we are operational.

We stay at home, but we remain united and proactive. Together we will win.

Creasys’ group

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