Creasys offers a dedicated service of Knowledge Management supported by an innovative solution in the segment of web portal. The service is based on:
  • Open Source tecnology;
  • ontological mapping of knowledge that allows to:
    • design a shared interpretation of the contents reducing,despite of traditional search engines, to the maximum the irrelevant information;
    • a new way of connecting to a heterogeneous database,creating a holistic and integrated view that allows the accurate and efficient management of the information.

Our KM service can be used for:

  • all the domains of knowledge related to the management of major projects that involve the navigation on complex databases, regardless of the sector inside which the project itself is realized;
  • the representation of public citizen services.
Among the solutions developed by Creasys to support the Knowledge Management Services, there is the Corporate Knowledge Base – EPICK™. It is compatible with the parametric model of PRICE® Systems, the world leader in Cost Management solutions. EPICK™ supports the costs estimates approval stage of complex projects, in increasingly competitive markets, with the goal of winning profitable bids.
  1. Production of a single repository that can store parametric costs estimating, project specifications and program’s updated plans;
  2. “Template” creation of the new systems (object libraries), by selecting parts of the systems/components from the single repository;
  3. Take over a parametric estimation of a program, carried out with the TruePlanning® system of PRICE®;
  4. On demand advanced navigation available in its own historical data base of estimates;
  5. Production of new scenarios for the costs estimation of a program, using components belonging to similar classes selected by the historical database;
  6. Reference Class Forecasting (RCF) functions on the basis of the information stored.
• to manage into a single knowledge base the costs estimations and the systems design information;
• to support the complete control over the life cycle of programs, managing in a single knowledge base the budgeting, planning and summarizing costs information;
• to provide an integrated CKB into the new Cost Management Framework ICOSMOS, for the support to the top-down and bottom-up cost estimate processes applied by the different corporate departments;
• to carry out various parametric estimates of a program, storing the different scenarios into the CKB;
• to integrate into a single knowledge base all the results produced by different TruePlanning® workstations, used at the various levels of the organizational structure.


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